The address:
111519, Republic Uzbekistan, Tashkent area, Urtachirchik area, Nurafshan sity.

Contact phones:

The chairman Boards (reception)
Tel: (приемная) +99895 177-60-81
Fax: +99870 764-47-97

Accounts department (chief accountant)
Tel: +99890 919-00-71
Fax: +99870 764-40-15

Telephone hotline +99895 177-60-81



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May, 9th — Day of memory and honors is celebrated in Uzbekistan, as a national holiday.
Nowruz plays a significant role in strengthening ties among peoples on the basis of mutual respect and the ideals of peace and good-neighbourliness.
On June, 01st the children's holiday devoted to the International day of protection of children has been had. Representatives of the state bodies have taken part in a holiday.
In January 14 Uzbekistan has widely celebrated the Defenders of the Motherland Day and the 18th anniversary of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan.


  • Email
  • Phone +99895 177-60-81
  • Address 111519, Republic Uzbekistan, Tashkent area, Urtachirchik area, settlement Yangihayot


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